• Community Building Training

The BIPJ is developing short training workshops for Palestinian professionals such as clergy, teachers, and NGO workers to respond to difficulties within the Palestinian community, such as domestic abuse, child abuse, bullying in schools, trauma recovery, etc.

  • Trauma Recovery Training

It is challenging to pursue peace when a community has been traumatized. The BIPJ offers training for trauma recovery workers who will serve the Palestinian society.


  • Bi-Monthly Lectures

These include lectures that are intended primarily to serve the Palestinian community and are open to the public at no cost. The topics will focus on issues that promote constructive discourse, public health, stronger family life, and responsible civic engagement.

  • Art for Youth

This future program for youth helps them find creative ways to express their hopes for peace and justice by developing skills in the creative arts. Programs will be conducted during the summer months and made available to special classes in schools.


  • The Academic Coalition for Interfaith Dialogue in Palestine

    The faculties of Shari’a Law in An-Najah National University in Nablus and of Bethlehem Bible College in Bethlehem, Palestine, formed in October 2019 an academic coalition to initiate and conduct a two-year project into enhancing interfaith relationships in Muslim and Christian institutions.

    These two leading institutions in Palestine that prepare religious leaders and shape religious thinking will complement each other’s efforts to build a society shaped by freedom and diversity.