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Apocalypse, Empire and Palestine


Apocalypse, Empire and Palestine is an important course that challenges the participant to read the Book of Revelation from a new perspective.   As John in Revelation warns Christians to come out of the corruption and idolatry of the Roman Empire in his day, so Christians today are called to come out of and resist  empire – those political structures that oppress the marginalized and compromise Christian life.   Lecturer J. Nelson Kraybill, president emeritus of Anabaptist Biblical Seminary in his five thought provoking lectures asks questions such as,  what  does apocalyptic mean?  Are you in bed with the beast? Will you worship empire or the Living God? How do we come out from empire? How will the nations be healed? Kraybill boldly brings these questions to bear on the conflict in Israel and Palestine.

This is an excellent course for adult study in local churches, as well as an addition to an academic course in peace studies, New Testament studies, and more.

The course is fully asynchronous with pre-recorded video lectures, and readings available with the course online.

Participants may take his course for credit by registering here, or as a self-guided audit course, by a short registration here.

The cost for taking this course for audit individually is $50.

The cost for taking this course for credit is $240 (for 1.5 credits).

The cost for group study for audit may be discussed with the BIPJ.