Mini Courses  and Lectures in Peacemaking and Justice in the Palestinian Context

  • These are short, self-paced, and non-graded courses offered at no cost online, which introduce participants to the Bethlehem Institute of Peace and Justice and our main certificate program. These courses are currently in development.

Certificate Program in Peacemaking and Justice in the Palestinian Context

  • The Bethlehem Institute of Peace and Justice will offer beginning in the Fall semester in 2021 a joint undergraduate and Graduate Certificate Program in Peacemaking and Justice in the Palestinian Context. The Certificate Program is interdisciplinary, cross-cultural, that challenges and helps prepare effective peacemakers.

  • It includes two semester-length (Fall and Spring semesters), online, asynchronous, instructor-led, and self-contained (all readings are online on our learning platform) courses. The full Certificate Program also includes two weeks of intensive study and praxis in Bethlehem in May.
  • All online courses and the May Intensive are in English. These courses can be added to students’ BA or MA studies in their home university or provide a valuable credential for professionals. The courses also can be taken for audit.

MA in Peace and Justice in the Palestinian Context

The MA in Peace and Justice is an innovative, accredited and primarily online degree that the Bethlehem Institute of  Peace and Justice is offering in partnership with the Institute of  Religion and Peace and Justice at St. Stephen’s University, New Brunswick, Canada. This is a two-year degree that consists of 39 credits. The courses in our Certificate Program are included within the MA curriculum, including the two-week Summer Intensive at Bethlehem.  The graduate degree program will be for Palestinian and
international students interested in peace studies and nonviolent struggle as supported by theological, contemplative, and interfaith considerations within a Palestinian context.

Short-term Residential Programs

The BPIJ plans to develop intensive short-term residential programs of several days to one week for college and university students and church groups.

These programs will combine lectures as well as opportunities to interact with the Palestinian community. The short-term programs will be offered at strategic times during the academic year to accommodate students during their January term or spring break.

 Academic Conferences

The Institute plans to conduct academic conferences bi-annually, bringing together scholars to present their research and discuss critical issues related to peacemaking and justice in Palestine and Israel and other contexts globally. These conferences will place particular emphasis on scholars from the Global South.

Residential Scholars

The Institute plans to develop a resident scholar program that will offer one or two semesters-length residencies for committed scholars. The scholars will be noted for their research in an area of study that advances the work of the BIPJ. Each scholar will present one significant lecture each semester that is open to all to attend. These lectures will be a part of the BIPJ’s Lecture Series in Peace and Justice.

Qualitative Research Program

Focusing on the students at Bethlehem Bible College, this program plans to train young scholars in qualitative field research to research the needs and changing trends in the Palestinian community. This research will build a body of scholarship that will inform the pursuit of peacemaking and justice and the strengthening of Palestinian society.

BIPJ Journal

  • The BIPJ  online Journal provides a platform for scholars to present their research on Peacebuilding and Justice. The BIPJ invites scholars and practitioners to submit recent work for consideration for publication in the Journal.


  • The Academic Coalition for Interfaith Dialogue in PalestineThe faculties of Shari’a Law in An-Najah National University in Nablus and of Bethlehem Bible College in Bethlehem, Palestine, formed in October 2019 an academic coalition to initiate and conduct a two-year project into enhancing interfaith relationships in Muslim and Christian institutions.These two leading institutions in Palestine that prepare religious leaders and shape religious thinking will complement each other’s efforts to build a society shaped by freedom and diversity.


  • Palestinian  Ministry of Higher Education
  • ATA, Asia Theological Association.
  • MEATE, Middle East Association of Theological Education