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The Certificate Program is designed to serve undergraduate, graduate, and non-traditional students. 

Courses may be taken as stand-alone courses or as part of the Certificate Program.

Courses may be taken for academic credit or audit.

Options for MA in Peace and Justice in the Palestinian Context

Admission to the Master of Arts in Peace Studies operates under the principle that it is better to accept our graduate students on a case-by-case basis rather than setting inflexible entrance standards. This means that in addition to a prospective student’s GPA and grades from their undergraduate degree, the Admissions Committee takes into consideration experience, drive and motivation, maturity level, reasons for completing the degree program, and many other intangible qualities.

That being said, we normally require an undergraduate degree from an accredited university in a related discipline (broadly defined) that gives the prospective student the tools to complete our coursework and flourish in our vibrant and growing learning community.

Prospective students therefore have a better chance of getting accepted into our program if they meet the following standards:

Undergraduate degree from an accredited university
Transcripts that show a minimum 3.0 GPA (B), with a 3.3 GPA (B+) in the last two years of the major
Where English is not the student’s first language, demonstrated proficiency in English by scoring 550 on a paper-based TOEFL, 86 on an internet-based TOEFL, or 6.5 on an IELTS exam. Alternate language proficiency testing may be accepted based on demonstrated equivalency.
However, we welcome all inquiries and applicants from anyone interested in the Master of Arts in Peace Studies degree program.

To: St. Stephen’s University

Course Selection at St. Stephen’s University (As Below)

Options for Courses for

Certificate Program Admission

There are two ways to participate in the courses. The eligibility requirements are slightly different for each option.

Option one: Audit (non-credit basis)

Students selecting this option have no academic requirements. Auditing students have access to the video-recorded lectures and the assigned reading material without obligation to complete the writing assignments or final project. The instructor will check in with the audit students but largely they work at their own pace. The cost of tuition to audit is $240.00 for each semester-length (3 credit) course.


Option two: Credit Basis

Students selecting this option have the option to take the courses individually for credit without the obligation to take more than one course (3 credit hours) or enroll in the Summer Intensive in Bethlehem. The cost of tuition for credit is $495.00 for each semester-length (3 credit) course.

This option has academic/life experience requirements. Check them below.

Recommended Academic/Life Experience Qualifications

It is recommended that applicants to the BIPJ courses have either completed an undergraduate course of studies or are currently enrolled in undergraduate university studies. If an applicant has no university experience, it is recommended that they have been involved in pursuits that have equipped them to think critically about texts and to express themselves in writing.

It should be noted that the courses are taught entirely in English and extensive writing is required. It is recommended that applicants be proficient in speaking and writing English.

Application Deadlines

The application deadline is September 5 for the Fall semester course which begins in mid-September and ends mid-December.

The application deadline is January 10 for the Spring semester course which begins in mid- January and ends in the latter half of April.

The application deadline is April 15 for the Summer (May) Intensive which is conducted in the last two weeks of May. The Cost of the Summer Intensive includes tuition ( $990) for 6 Credits (for Audit or Credit) and local costs ($1300) (double room in the guest house, two meals per day during weekdays, and local transportation to field sites). Note that preliminary reading and essays are required before the beginning of the Summer Intensive residency, so application should be made well in advance.

The BIPJ  seeks to include and support those who have traditionally be excluded from academic discussions.

Special Payments

    Please press the button below for extra costs such as:

  • Extra nights in the Guest House
  • Special tuition payment
  • Visitors’ extra meals
  • Donations
  • Any other payments

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