The Bethlehem Institute of Peace and Justice offers an undergraduate, graduate and hybrid Certificate Program in Peacemaking and Justice in the Palestinian Context that combines two semester-length, online, asynchronous, instructor-led courses with two weeks of intensive study and praxis in Bethlehem in the early summer. (The first on-site intensive is in June 2022.)

Each of these asynchronous instructor-led online courses includes several modules taught by noted Palestinian and international scholars and leaders which explore peace and justice in light of such topics as practical steps toward conflict resolution, Christian, Jewish, and Islamic theology, spirituality, non-violent direct action, international law, and human rights, and the Arab practice of sulha, or reconciliation. These courses also include lectures from leaders among other oppressed peoples globally, including the Dalits (untouchables) in India, minority groups in Myanmar, and township communities in South Africa.

The courses are conducted online on the learning platform of Bethlehem Bible College, “ItsLearning.” Lectures are delivered through recorded videos by the lecturers (see below). Students respond weekly to reflection questions posed by the lecturers. Students collaborate in teams on final “conflict mapping” projects which explore various global conflicts. The course instructor interacts with the students throughout the course.

The two-week intensive residential portion of the program in Bethlehem combines academic lectures, intentional reflection on personal spirituality, and site visits to important local Palestinian-led organizations. The opportunity to study and serve in Bethlehem, listening and learning in the Palestinian community, is a profound, transformative experience. Participation in this intensive is offered first to those who have completed the two online courses and desire to receive the Certificate from the BIPJ. The intensive has a limit of 18 participants each year.

The courses are taught in English and accommodate both undergraduate and graduate students by varying the amount of reading and length of writing assignments.

Non-traditional students who are interested in taking the courses on an audit basis are also welcome!

In brief, the Certificate Program in Peacemaking and Justice in the Palestinian Context is interdisciplinary, cross-cultural, and will challenge and help prepare effective peacemakers.

These courses can be added to students’ BA or MA studies in their home university or provide a valuable credential for professional students. The Certificate Program offers 12 credits which may transfer to a student’s home university. Each online course offers three credits, and the Summer Intensive offers six credits.

The Certificate Program is served by faculty noted for their work in peace and justice studies from Israel, Palestine, the United States, South Africa, India, Myanmar. The professors who provide lectures for our online courses include the following:

Palestinian Faculty 

  • Dr. Rula Mansour, Director, Peace Studies, Nazareth Evangelical College, Nazareth, Israel
  • Dr. Salim Munayer, Founder, Musalaha, Bethlehem
  • Shireen Awwad Hilal, MA, Director, Community Outreach and Development,   Bethlehem Bible College, Bethlehem
  • Rev. Dr. Munther Isaac, Dean of Bethlehem Bible College, Director, Christ at the Checkpoint, Bethlehem
  • Dr. Hanna Katanacho, Dean of Nazareth Evangelical College, Nazareth, Israel
  • Atty. Jonathan Kuttab, Member, Board of Directors, Bethlehem Bible College, and Human Rights Attorney, Palestine
  • Dr. Mustafa Abu Sway,  Integral Chair for the Study of Al Ghazali’s Work at al-Masjid al-Aqsa and al-Quds University in Jerusalem

International Faculty

  • Rev. Dr.  Andrew F. Bush, Director, Bethlehem Institute of Peace and Justice, Professor Emeritus, Eastern University
  • Dr. Martin Accad, Arab Baptist Theological Seminary, Beirut, Lebanon
  • Rev. Dr. Mae Cannon, Director Churches for Middle East Peace, Washington, DC.
  • Rev. Dr. LaSeng Dingrin, Eastern University, St. David’s, Pennsylvania
  • Lisa Loden,  Co-chair of the Lausanne Initiative for Reconciliation in Israel and Palestine
  • Dr. David Elcott, Taub Professor of Practice in Public Service and Leadership at the Wagner School of Public Service at New York University, New York
  • Rev. Frank Chikane, Member, African National Congress, South Africa, Chair, Board of Directors of the Apostolic Faith Mission Theological College, South Africa
  • Rev. Vincent Manoharan, Founder, National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights, Delhi, India

Tuition Fees

The tuition fee is determined on a per-credit basis. The rate for the academic year 2021/2022 is:

– $165 per credit hour for international students.

– $80 per credit hour for locals and auditing students.

The Summer Intensive course costs include:

– Two weeks stay in Bethlehem, which includes room, board, and local transportation: $1300.00 (US Dollars)

– Six credit hours, $165 per hour: $990 (US Dollars)

Note: The minimum number of enrolled students in the Summer Intensive is 10 and the maximum is 18. If less than 10 are enrolled the Summer Intensive will be postponed to a later date.