The Bethlehem Institute of Peace and Justice’s online courses continue to gain wide approval. Eastern University in St. David’s, Pennsylvania, approved all three BIPJ’s Certificate Program courses to be added as electives to its MA in Theological and Cultural Anthropology. These courses include the semester-length Peacemaking and Justice in the Palestinian Context 1 and 2, offered in the Fall and Spring semesters, respectively, and the Summer Intensive, a residential program in Bethlehem provided during the last two weeks of May. The approval by Eastern University of these courses, and the academic credits earned with their completion, occurred after a review and endorsement by EU’s curriculum committee, followed by a full faculty vote.

Andrew Bush, the director of the Bethlehem Institute of Peace and Justice, is gratified with Eastern University’s decision. He says, “Eastern University’s decision is a significant affirmation of the courses which comprise our Certificate Program. It also opens a new community of students to our program. The MA in Theological and Cultural Anthropology at Eastern University is a groundbreaking program in its own right. To join forces with them is a unique opportunity. We are thrilled to have this new partnership.”