Global Peacemakers Speak:

An Interview Series of the BIPJ

Around the world, peacemakers are bringing transformative change in places of conflict and hardship. Often these visionary women and men do their work under the radar, with only those in their closest circles of associates appreciating their sacrificial work. Global Peacemakers Speak is our effort at the BIPJ to bring their voices and insights to a broader audience.

Martin Accad, Beirut Lebanon

Interview August 25, 2021

MARTIN ACCAD has a DPhil from the University of Oxford, UK. Formerly, he was the Chief Academic Officer at the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary, Mansourieh, Lebanon. Dr. Accad is now the Director the Action Research Associates, in Beirut. The vision of the ARA is “To see peace, reconciliation, and a new sense of the common good develop among the various communities of Lebanon.” Dr. Accad is also a contributing lecturer to the first online course of the BIPJ, Introduction to Peacemaking and Justice in the Palestinian Context 1.

In this interview with Andrew Bush, the Director of the BIPJ, Dr. Accad speaks about the terrible condition of Lebanese society, and the need for the Christian church to reclaim its prophetic voice.