The Bethlehem Institute of Peace and Justice at Bethlehem Bible College launched its inaugural online course entitled Introduction to Peacemaking and Justice in the Palestinian Context 1.
Andrew Bush, the director of the BIPJ, states: “We are excited that the course is fully enrolled with twenty-nine students from Liberia, the Netherlands, Scotland, England, Canada, the Philippines, and the United States. This fourteen-week course can be taken for credit or audit. It explores a wide range of topics, including the reconciliation process of ‘Sulha’ in Arab societies, the history and present status of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, and the importance of non-violence in peacemaking. As one student, Susan, says, “This is exactly the course I was looking for to help me understand the Palestinian experience more.”
Another student, Dani, also says, “In my academic work, I have studied the Palestinian education system. I am now looking forward to learning from peacemakers in Palestine.”
Dr. Munther Isaac our academic dean also welcomed the students and told them that “as we teach peace, we are eager for peace in our country.” Dr. Isaac will provide an amazing lecture about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict during the course.
Moreover, Rev. Dr. Jack Sara, President of Bethlehem Bible College, shared a word of welcome and encouragement. He challenged the students that studying at BethBC will make them grow in their knowledge and understanding of many complex issues around the globe, open their hearts to the needs of others in the world and make them react in a loving and careful way that reflects the Kingdom of God.